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Property Investment Advice That You Can Trust

Here at Astute Investments we pride ourselves on giving top quality investment advice without the added pretension that often accompanies the finance industry. Whether you are a complete novice or someone with experience in financial asset allocation, we treat you as a real person and not just another number. Our work seeks to break down barriers and allow people to fulfill the great Australian dream of property ownership. With impeccable local knowledge and strong buying power, our team is well equipped to set you up for future fiscal success.

Our Services

Our mission is to create a complete property investment service, which is strategic, seamless, and stress free. While we specialise in giving property investment advice, our services entail so much more than this. We are an all-inclusive financial service that seeks to create value and long lasting client relationships. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Real estate advice to start, or enhance, your property portfolio
  • Overall asset allocation advice
  • Risk reduction during the purchasing process
  • Maintain transparency throughout the whole process
  • Free financial assessment for clients
  • Ongoing financial education

Specialised Care

We provide a highly personal service to everyone that seeks our advice on their financial situation. We are a boutique firm who tailors portfolio advice especially to your particular investment situation. We do not hold any current property stock, making our advice unbiased and completely without agenda. The only stock we guide you towards is one that is most likely to work for you – now and into the future.

Client Education

When hiring Astute Investments we want to make sure that you fully understand where your money is going and the processes involved. We think that transparency and self-sustainability is extremely important, and we want to foster this in all of our clients. Through free webinars and consultations we aim to teach you about:

  • The differences between property and other investments
  • The specifics of positive and negative gearing
  • How to reduce capital gains tax
  • Mortgage insurance

For property investment advice that you can trust, contact our team of experts on 07 5530 8407.