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Bernadine O-Why I Chose To Invest

Bernadine O-Why I Chose To Invest

Bernadine is now in her thirties and is a Mine Plant Operator who moved with her family to Queensland, Australia, from Africa. Bernadine engaged with Astute Investments for financial planning through property investment. The team here at Astute Investments were interested to catch up with Bernadine and talk about her story and why she chose to invest.

Q. When was it that you first began looking into investment property?

A. End 2011. We lost all we had in Africa so came here in 2008 with nothing, it was imperative that we save as much as possible and then use those savings to create wealth for us. We’re not confident enough in the stock market and like the security of a physical investment that we can actually see and, if necessary, live in. Our feeling at the time was that property was a good option and our strategy is to buy and hold as many as we can acquire before we retire, this was a foot in the door.

Q. Your research led to Phil Game, can you tell us how that came about? 

A. Internet searches for investment advisors which led down various paths and helped us decide that what we needed was a property consultant. We contacted a few but they were all about helping you to invest in their stock or areas they were currently active in, Phil’s approach was more about finding what we wanted rather than offering what he already had.

Q. What was your first impression of Phil Game? 

A. Very helpful, gives the impression that you are his priority and he’ll do anything to get the job done to your satisfaction and benefit. It was a hassle free one-stop shop experience, he took care of sourcing the property, arranged purchasing, assisted with designs, monitored building and ensured we were always ‘in-the-loop’. He’s always available for advice.

Q. How has life been since your decision to invest with property? How do you feel now about your financial future?

A. “We are grateful we made the investment and can’t wait to get into the next one but life has sprung us a few surprises, as it does…We are consciously making an effort to realise that goal.”

To Contact Phil Game of Astute Investments for advice surrounding property investment, contact online or call on 1800 044 429.