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Free Financial Self-Assessment Tool

Are you ready to invest in property? Download this Free Financial Self-Assessment Tool to find out what your current financial position is and if you are ready to invest in property either for the first time or again. If you are not yet ready to invest in property you will be offered a session to develop a free plan to clarify what you need to do to invest in property…

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Measuring ROI in Your Property Investment Portfolio

Figuring out the Return on Investment (ROI) for your property can be determined using one of two methods: Cash (or cost) Finance (or out of pocket) With so many variables, including maintenance, repairs and leverage, it’s a calculation that requires expertise. If you’re not an accountant or financial planner and you’re investing in property on the Gold Coast or other high growth areas throughout Australia, at the very least, you…

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What to Look for in a Financial Planner

If you’re already in the market for a financial planner, you’ve come to the realisation that: Goals are difficult to define and plan for; Your financial situation isn’t as simple as it seems; Getting the most out of your income requires professional advice; and There’s no-one in your immediate network that you can call upon to help. An experienced and committed financial planner will help you on your journey by…

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Are You Sitting on a Gold Mine?

Your primary residence could be your dream home as well as a building block in achieving financial wealth and independence. If you’ve been paying off the principal on your home mortgage and living in a high-growth area, chances are you’re sitting on a gold mine that can be used to further your dreams faster than you thought possible. If you’ve been paying off your mortgage for a few years, you…

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Your Guide to Negative Gearing

As the most popular investment strategy used by Australians, it is important to understand how negative gearing can create wealth. Gearing is a term that means borrowing money to purchase an investment property. Negative gearing is when that money is used to purchase a property that generates less money than the cost of owning and managing the property. This effectively means that your investment is running at a loss. The…

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How to Find and Retain Golden Tenants

Finding great tenants that look after your property and pay their rent on time is one of the keys to investment success. Great tenants provide financial stability, regular rental income and peace of mind. To find the ideal tenants, start by looking for the right property management team. A good property manager will combine expertise and experience with knowledge of the local community to make your tenant search simple. Today…

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How to Start Investing in Property

It’s never too early to start acquiring property. If you’re in your 20s, it’s the perfect time to begin assessing the right kind of investments for building long-term wealth. As long as population numbers continue to rise – and they show no sign of slowing – the demand for property will continue to grow; particularly in cities, where schools, jobs and social amenities are easy to access. Queensland continues to…

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Real Estate Investment Mentors – Should I Get One?

Two things are certain when we’re preparing to make important decisions. Firstly, we’ll change our minds about what to do more than once, and secondly, there will be plenty of people on hand to give us advice. Sometimes this advice can be useful and it will guide us to a better outcome, while at other times it will just be noise in your ear from someone who knows nothing more…

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Buying Real Estate in Your 20s – Get the Right Advice

When we’re in our early 20s we don’t often put much thought into money. Budgeting means successfully surviving from one pay day to the next while an investment might be considered a new car, or perhaps even a new videogame. Generation Y is often branded as generation why bother, but there is a growing trend that is defying this expectation. Around Brisbane and Australia, entrepreneurial investors are putting their money…

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Metro or Regional: which is the better property investment?

There’s a lot of debate in investor circles about which option offers better capital growth: metropolitan property or regional property.  But if we take a good hard look at the figures, we find that it really doesn’t matter as much as you might think.  Over the last century, the price difference between the two location types has barely changed.  While metropolitan properties often offer greater dollar returns, the percentage return…

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