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Measuring ROI in Your Property Investment Portfolio

Figuring out the Return on Investment (ROI) for your property can be determined using one of two methods: Cash (or cost) Finance (or out of pocket) With so many variables, including maintenance, repairs and leverage, it’s a calculation that requires expertise. If you’re not an accountant or financial planner and you’re investing in property on the Gold Coast or other high growth areas throughout Australia, at the very least, you…

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Metro or Regional: which is the better property investment?

There’s a lot of debate in investor circles about which option offers better capital growth: metropolitan property or regional property.  But if we take a good hard look at the figures, we find that it really doesn’t matter as much as you might think.  Over the last century, the price difference between the two location types has barely changed.  While metropolitan properties often offer greater dollar returns, the percentage return…

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Is it Worth Having a Principal Place of Residence?

Here’s the standard model of property ownership that most of us see out there in society: Buy a house and live in it (principal place of residence). Buy an investment property and rent it out. Keep buying and selling investment properties. However just because everyone is doing something does not mean it’s necessarily the right thing to do – or the right thing for your particular situation. In many cases,…

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Mortgage Interest is Dead Money

The New Year is a great time to stop and think about where you are financially – and where you want to be ten or twenty years from now. One thing that a lot of people forget to think much about is their property investment position, especially considering that property tends to be a ‘set and forget’ sort of proposition. However, spending some time looking at your property portfolio and…

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How to Use Equity and Avoid Tax Deduction Disasters

A common property investment maximization strategy is to use equity in one property to buy another. However, before you engage in this sort of strategy, it’s important that you understand what’s involved and the best strategies to use – and why. What is equity? Equity is the difference between the value in your home and the debt level you still owe. In other words, it’s the portion of your home…

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Free Financial Self-Assessment Tool

Are you ready to invest in property? Download this Free Financial Self-Assessment Tool to find out what your current financial position is and if you are ready to invest in property either for the first time or again. If you are not yet ready to invest in property you will be offered a session to develop a free plan to clarify what you need to do to invest in property…

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How to get tax back for Christmas

A lot of people aren’t aware that if your tax-deductible expenditures are higher than your employer’s withheld tax allows for, you don’t always have to wait until July to do something about it. If you have known, concrete income and expenditures for the year – for example, property rental income, mortgage interest payments, and rate payments – then you can probably lodge a tax variation form and have the Australian…

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Your Debt Structure Matters!

Are you currently living in your own home? Do you plan to move out of your home and turn it into a rental at any point? If the answers to these questions are both ‘yes’, then it’s very important that you take a good look at your debt structure – your tax deductions later on could be heavily affected by your decisions now. Where are the problem areas? Issues can…

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APRA’s market manipulation will only hasten the next property boom

We’ve heard a lot of talk recently around APRA’s moves to tighten regulations around property lending, with many people expecting the changes to decrease property prices in markets like Sydney, where prices are high and still increasing. The Sydney property market, they argue, is in a ‘bubble’ caused by over-enthusiastic investment – and if the rate of investment isn’t slowed to allow property prices to decrease, the bubble will burst…

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