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Negative gearing is here to stay

There’s been a lot of talk lately in the media about negative gearing, and the possibility of its removal as a tax deduction for investment properties. It seems quite logical to the layperson – negative gearing provides benefits to people who can already afford to buy investment properties, encourages those people to invest in residential property, and this must, therefore, increase housing prices, making it more difficult for low-income first…

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Tall Building With A Coconut Tree

How buying an investment and renting can be a good option

  Have you ever heard the saying, “rent money is dead money”? It’s a phrase much-beloved amongst first home buyers and mortgage brokers, and it’s meant to give you the idea that renting a home when you could be buying one is a sucker’s choice. But let’s look at this a bit more closely. Why is rent ‘dead money’? Because it isn’t providing you with an asset. If you rent…

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Loan Application Document With Approved Stamp

Interest Only Loans

Well, Easter is nearly here.  Happy Easter to everyone for the weekend. I thought it was a good time to go over one of the topics most clients love and that’s interest only loans.  It’s probably one of the less understood areas and there’s still this belief that it’s best to pay principle and interest and make sure the loan on your investment property is paid down.  This is correct…

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Tax Time!

Hi guys, It’s that time of year again.  Time to get your money back from the Government unless you’ve had a Tax variation form in place and you’ve been receiving it throughout the year. I’m receiving a lot of questions about what can be claimed and what can’t and I must say there are a lot of Accountants out there giving some incorrect advise.  In fact in most cases it’s…

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My Budget Thoughts….

Hi everyone, Ok, the budget is now out there, and there’s a lot of information in it for discussion.  I was going to write down my thoughts about a week ago but decided it might be better to let people digest it a little more before sharing my thoughts.  Now I do have an opinion on most of it and do apologise to those I offend but please feel free…

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Have a Long Term Outlook

I watched an article this morning about the Woolworths (South African company) take over offer to purchase David Jones.  It was presented on the TODAY show by Ross Greenwood and there’s one aspect of it that really resonated with me. He mentioned that the takeover of David Jones had a very long term view of the direction of the business.  The directors of Woolworths had a vision over the next…

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Reducing Tax on Lump Sum Payments

      Wouldn’t you like to know how to reduce the tax you pay this FY? Have you received a bonus this year or will have a higher income than normal?  If so then now’s the time to start thinking about strategies to reduce the tax you will be paying come June 30.  Quite a few clients are getting retention benefits and other bonuses and I’ve had an increase…

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