Mistakes While Investing

Top 5 mistakes property investors make

Buying with your Heart Far too often I see investors buy in an area they know and feel comfortable with.  It might be somewhere they grew up as a kid and may have no growth outlook at all.  The better investment may be close to a city that they don’t know at all and therefore are fearful of doing it. The Fear of Missing Out This is starting to happen…

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Toy Houses With Upwards Growth Arrow In Front Of A Net

APRA’s market manipulation will only hasten the next property boom

We’ve heard a lot of talk recently around APRA’s moves to tighten regulations around property lending, with many people expecting the changes to decrease property prices in markets like Sydney, where prices are high and still increasing. The Sydney property market, they argue, is in a ‘bubble’ caused by over-enthusiastic investment – and if the rate of investment isn’t slowed to allow property prices to decrease, the bubble will burst…

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National Property Clock Image

Rising market areas of Australia

This is gold.  Thank you Herron Todd White Residential, a reputable valuation company that provides statistically researched information without bias.  If you are thinking about investing focus on the rising market areas at 9 o’clock.    

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