Loan Application Document With Approved Stamp

Interest Only Loans

Well, Easter is nearly here.  Happy Easter to everyone for the weekend. I thought it was a good time to go over one of the topics most clients love and that’s interest only loans.  It’s probably one of the less understood areas and there’s still this belief that it’s best to pay principle and interest and make sure the loan on your investment property is paid down.  This is correct…

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Ormeau Ridge Banner On Garden Stone Fence
Entrance Road To Ormeau Ridge Estate
Row houses
Houses by the roadside
Cars On The Road With Metricon Banners On The Left
Land With Garden Equipment's
Open Ground With Basket Ball Court
Big Open Land With Garden Grass
Shed On The Round Shape Road
Open Land With Soil And Equipment
Bathroom Interiors With A Glass Door Partition

Ormeau Ridge Estate

Ormeau Ridge Estate What a great investment opportunity in the growth corridor between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  This estate is very much an owner occupied area and lends itself as a great location to invest in.  With the latest land release, there’s opportunities to secure house and land for as little as $440k full turn key.  Growth in SE QLD is taking off at this price point and land…

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Water Side City View

Mining Towns

There’s been a lot in the media of late re Mining Towns and with some of our clients invested in these areas I’m always keen to see what they have to say. About 4-5 years ago there was a real push for investing in these towns that are supported by mining.  I was always concerned with buying in areas that are only driven by one sector.  As such, during this…

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Upward Arrow Representing Increase In Interest Rates

Capital Growth V’s Cash Flow

The age old argument about Capital Growth V’s Cash Flow.  Which is better for our portfolio, or are we best have en even balance of the two? I see Investment Properties as an asset we buy for Capital Growth.  If I wanted income then I’d be better placed with my money in a good blue chip share portfolio with fully franked dividends.  This is why most retirees have their savings…

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A Man Working At Construction Site Holding A Wooden Plank

Housing Industry set to Surge in 2015

Research by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) reveals 2015 will see significant growth in the new home building sector, particularly in the early months. The HIA’s New Home Sales Report, focussing on Australia’s largest volume builders, showed increases in both new home sales and residential building approvals – the key indicators of new housing construction activity during last year’s December quarter. “This is a clear indication that actual residential construction…

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The Rise of SE Queensland

There’s a pretty good argument out there that the hottest market in Australia at the moment is SE Queensland. Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast: Together they comprise a vast metropolitan area – ongoing urban growth means these three big centres have merged into one big zone which starts at the NSW border and extends 250 kilometres north to Noosa. All three have hot markets. The research conducted by…

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Negative Gearing

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Negative Gearing and it’s long term position in our investment landscape.  Some believe it should be removed as it allows the rich to get richer and feeds the property market and thus makes it a lot less affordable for those trying to buy their first home. New research released by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) confirms that restricting access to negative gearing…

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A House Plan With A Small Nursery Outside

House and Land, and Off the Plan

Most of our clients invest in property via House and Land packages and I thought I’d use this months newsletter to go over the pro’s and con’s of investing this way.  I’ll also chat about “Off the Plan” purchases which are very different to house and land, and cover one of the major pitfalls of this type of investment. Like everything in life there’s pro’s and con’s to just about…

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Great Signs for SE QLD

Afternoon all. I’ve just received some information from one of the leading property analysts about SE QLD.  They’ve placed the Gold Coast at the very bottom of the market and it’s now entering the recovery phase.  Great signs for those who own, or have invested in SE QLD. The following comments have been made by Peter Switzer, “Ongoing growth in the Chinese market, impacting both the prestige sector and helping…

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The Astute Team!

Hi guys, Meet the Team at Astute!  We’ve been in the new office for nearly 12 mths now and things are going really well.  The property market has certainly picked up in the last 4-6 weeks and we’re hoping this will last right across the summer period.  With SE QLD having some poor growth results over the past 5 years it’s about time.  

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