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Craig-Why I Chose To Invest

Craig-Why I Chose To Invest

Craig lives in Perth, Western Australia. He is in his thirties, single, and works for the Australian Defence Force. Craig engaged with Astute Investments for financial planning through property investment. The team here at Astute Investments were interested to catch up with Craig and talk about his story and why he chose to invest.

Q. When was it that you first began looking into investment property?
A. It was around 2008/2009 and I had some savings put away for a rainy day and then some extra funds on the side. I thought I could devote approx. 60-70k to some sort of investment so I looked into a number of things and property came up trumps.

Q. Your research led to Phil Game, can you tell us how that came about?
A. Phil Game, as you would know, is ex defence so his name was around. Some of my close friends were already clients so they set up a meeting for me. I did however look into other companies but Phil was far superior in his product and demeanour – it just felt like a better fit for me.

Q. What was your first impression of Phil Game?
A. A regular bloke who you could trust. Very helpful and prepared to go the extra mile.

Q. Why did you choose to invest in property?
A. The relative security in property is attractive along with the tax breaks it provides.

To Contact Phil Game of Astute Investments for advice surrounding property investment, contact online or call on 1800 044 429.