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We at Astute Investments are specialists in dealing with Defence personal and knowing what they are entitled to is part of that process.  We can advise which entitlements to use and when, but are not able to advise if you qualify or not.  As such we’ve provided links below to check on eligibility.  Which ones to use and when is exactly what we specialise in and are more than happy to help.

A member may be entitled to assistance for purchase of a home. The home must be in their posting location and they must live in it. This payment is made under the home purchase assistance scheme (HPAS). It is payable once only during a member’s ADF service. This Division describes the conditions of entitlement and when the assistance must be repaid to the Commonwealth.

For a member to qualify for HPAS, they must fit the following criteria:

  • They must not have had a previous entitlement.
  • The home is at their current or new posting location.
  • On the day the contract for purchase is signed, they are expected to serve at the location where they purchase the home for 12 months after that purchase.
  • A member with dependants (unaccompanied) is expected to keep that category for the
  • 12-month period.
  • An eligible person will live in the home within the period defined in clause 6.2.12, When the home must be occupied.

For more information on HPAS you can contact us online

We have hundreds of defence personnel that we assist with financial matters. We help and guide members on the allowances they are entitled to and how to best use them.

Do you know what you’re entitled to?

  • Are you entitled to receive DHOAS and HPAS?
  • Are you in a MQ or receiving RA in your current posting locality?

A lot of military clients are quite confused about buying their own home and receiving some of the benefits or remaining on RA/MQ benefits and investing elsewhere. Did you know that it’s financially cheaper to rent and invest than it is to buy your own home and live in it? That’s even with all the benefits included.
Contact us today to book a free consultation to find out how, and see if this strategy would suit you.

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