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Infrastructure-Major Catalyst for Home Value Growth

Infrastructure-A Major Catalyst for Home Value Growth

According to online reporters who present an opinion on the property industry, new infrastructure is a major catalyst for home value growth. The Astute Team wanted to test this opinion with the Director of Astute Investments, Phil Game, who is a Director/Ex Army Officer, Masters of Business, Bachelor of Engineering, Diploma of Financial Services, Licensed Financial Planner and Real Estate Agent.

In recent news reports for South East Queensland we have become aware of the $5b deal sealed to revolutionise the inner city public transport system of Brisbane, and we have seen the work well underway with a new light rail system for the Gold Coast.   The Astute Team asked Phil Game to also comment on his thoughts of these new developments and his opinion on what other infrastructure developments could be key in the South East Queensland area to become a major catalyst for home value growth. Here’s what Phil had to say –

“I Totally agree with what they are saying about infrastructure and value growth in property.  We have to be a bit careful about the type of infrastructure that will drive growth as a brewery or something similar in manufacturing is infrastructure, but probably does the opposite to growth.  We need to find lifestyle type infrastructure like transport, schools, shopping and entertainment.  The new light rail system being built on the Gold Coast should have a positive effect on the suburbs it services.  It may not be considered ideal if you are right on the line but a short walk from it would be ideal, much the same as living near a train line.

There are some really good growth zones in SE QLD that are close to transport, schools, shopping and heaps of other lifestyle amenities.  One of the biggest and best zones is through the Hope Island area where there is a lot of building and infrastructure going in.  The new Westfield should only be a few years away as well.  This area has everything you could possibly need and more, and is unlike anywhere in the country.  Where else are you half way between 2 major international airports, can travel about 10 min to the biggest broad-water and boating playground on the planet, about 25 min to some of the best beaches in the world and can head west for 15 min and be in rainforest and farms.

Regional QLD has done really well over the past few years but the growth focus has moved back to SE QLD again.  So my focus is that area and I’m more than happy to provide extra advise on some other hot spots, just call for a chat anytime.”

You can contact Phil Game of Astute Investments for tips on where to find the areas due to experience home value growth online or call 1800 044 429.