How to Start Your Property Investment Portfolio

Without proper guidance and assurance, starting an investment property portfolio can be daunting, especially when it’s in the field of property investment. While we understand that the real estate sector can look scary and exclusive, we are here to help provide you with information to show you how to effectively invest in property.

There are some key considerations that must be taken into account when making investment decisions, such as what property type to buy, how to fund your purchase, and all the tax considerations. Partnering with Astute Investments for your asset allocation needs is a promise to underscore and explain all of these key issues and more.

House or Unit?

One of the biggest choices to make when investing in commercial real estate is the choice between buying a house or a unit. While both fantastic investments, they are very different prospects and are aimed at different types of return. Typically people invest in a house to capitalise on property growth and to achieve significant capital gains. On the other hand apartment property investment has a higher emphasis on rental income. We endeavour to illuminate the differences between property types and advise you on what would best suit your situation.

Mortgage Loans

  • How much do I deposit?
  • How much interest will I pay?
  • How long do I have to pay my loan back?

These are all common questions, which arise in the purchase process and there is no one set of solutions. Mortgage loans are unique to each person depending on their credit history, wage and current asset holdings. With our free financial consultation we will advise you on your credit worthiness, and current market conditions, to give you a clear home loan picture.

Negative Gearing

This is a phrase that you would have heard used over and again, by the media and politicians, but what actually is negative gearing? Negative gearing is when you pay more annual interest on your property loan than you receive from your investment property. While this may sound entirely unappealing, it can actually be an effective strategy to enhance your current position and set you up for future success. When hiring Astute Investments we fully explain the benefits and particular situations in which you could benefit from this trick of the trade.

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