Investment Property – Window of Opportunity

The markets are looking better than they have for about the last 5-6 years.  Interest rates are low, supply is low and confidence has returned since the GFC.  Our office is seeing a huge increase in enquiries for good quality rental properties and unfortunately are vacancy rate is zero so we’re unable to assist them.  The last time I saw a market like this was in about the year 2000 and the markets grew very strongly over the following 18 mths.  We are very well positioned to see them same during 2014.

Sydney is leading the way as usual with some really strong growth and it’s expected to continue throughout 2014.  SE QLD is normally about 12 mths behind Sydney and has a very strong outlook for this calendar year.


Investing in property can be a bit like a game of checkers where you are hoping to land the purchase in the best area, but a better way to act is when you’re financially ready to do so.  We’d recommend that you do a full financial plan and assess all options and risks before entering into the investment market.  Call us today if you need some assistance.

With such a strong start to the year lets hope it continues over the next 12 mths and 2014 is a year to remember.  If you are considering an investment then the timing of the market couldn’t be better, call us today.