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Investors Encouraged to Buy Site Unseen

This is quite an interesting topic and I have clients that feel strongly in both directions.  I’d say about 90% of our clients buy an investment through us site unseen.  Some people may feel this is not the correct thing to do but have a read below of the comments from Margaret Lomas, TV presenter and adviser from Destiny.

“Investors who learn how to make good choices based on their research have no need to see what they are about to buy”, she said.

“Seeing an area is not a suitable way to decide if the area is right and very often our preconceived ideas can make us reject perfectly good opportunities”.

In her experience, being at a property creates an emotional reaction that may lead to poor investment decisions.

“All viewing a property and/or area can do is make you emotional”, she said.

Having said this I feel it’s important to know about the area and get a feel of what you community is like.  I rely heavily on statics and research for an area but it’s also really good to get on the ground and ask locals about what they feel is going on and what the community reaction is.  At the end of the day someone else can do this for you so it’s important to build a solid and trusting relationship with the company you’re dealing with.  I feel we achieve this for our clients at Astute and we work hard to make sure that we always act in the best interests of our clients.

So in most cases we get on the ground and research the area and then provide our recommendations onto our clients.  If you need some advise on areas to purchase in please let us know.