Our Difference


At Astute our focus is on what is best for the client…

Sometimes this means we recommend that property investment may not suit them at all. As a licensed financial planning business we undertake a rigorous assessment of the client’s financial position and circumstances, at no cost. This places us in a unique position versus many unqualified and unregulated property investment businesses.

Once we have a full understanding of the client’s position, we start by educating the client about the process of property investment and what they can expect from us and the market place. All parts of our process and dealings are independent and fully transparent; we do not have any alignments with developer product. Our goal is to find clients the best product to match their needs not to sell them what we have in stock.

In identifying prospects for the client we conduct thorough research on the areas selected and provide recommendations to assist in selecting the right product for them. We offer a fully self tailored investment property solution. It’s like building your own home except it’s an investment property, why should there be any difference in quality? Clients can hand design plans and choose specification levels to suit.

Our process is designed to support and educate the client the whole way through; we are so confident that the property will be a winner for the long term, that we also provide property management service that keeps us involved with each client for many years after the property transaction is complete.