How to Start Investing in Property – Our Process

To achieve even more from your property investment, partner with Astute Investments. We are financial planning experts who specialise in real estate. Our investment process makes wealth creation even easier.

  1. Your First Consultation

Honest and ethical advice is part of what makes us different. At your free initial consultation, we will complete a rigorous assessment of your financial situation. If property investment is right for you, we can find the best investment property. But if real estate isn’t right for you, we’ll tell you that too.

This first consultation will involve:

  • Understanding your goals and aspirations
  • Analysing a questionnaire
  • Deciding if property is right for you.
  1. Setting Your Goals

Understanding what you can get out of the property market is essential for successful investments. We are committed to educating our clients about broader market conditions as well as what we can do for you.

Our team will:

  • Explain and forecast market conditions, both on the Gold Coast and more broadly
  • Explain each of our services and how they will help you
  • Align your goals with our services for a completely personalised service
  1. Understanding the Numbers

Following on from your goals, we will look closely at the numbers that will drive your success.

These will include:

  • Your investment price point
  • Insurance, depreciation, tax, etc.
  • Rates and rent (both historical and projected)
  1. Acquiring Your Property

Working together, we will find the best investment property for you. Harnessing our research and resources, we will examine each asset as well as the broader market. When it’s time to buy, we can work with your legal team to get the best prices.

This will involve:

  • Researching market trends and specific property details
  • Examining local infrastructure, the potential for growth, government spending etc.
  • Providing advice to streamline the purchase and fast track your investment
  1. Benefits for Builders

If the asset we find for you is a block of land, we can help you build it.

Our financial experts will provide benefits including:

  • Stamp duty savings
  • A 3-year home warranty
  • The latest fixtures at no extra cost
  • Assisting with financial processes such as drawdowns from the bank
  1. Ongoing Management and Beyond

Once your property is ready to live in we will find appropriate tenants. We can also handle ongoing property management, including legal requirements, tenant management and property maintenance.

Choose Astute Investments for:

  • Minimal vacancy periods and maximum rental income
  • A stress-free management process with complete communication
  • Regular portfolio reviews to strengthen your investment

To start investing in property and growing your wealth, contact Astute Investments today. We’re based in Hope Island and serve the wider Gold Coast area.