Property Management Services

Property investing may be one of the easiest wealth creation methods, but it’s also one of the most involved. If you’re pursuing a long term, high return investment strategy you need effective property managers.

Astute Investments has built its property management services on communication, expertise and stress-free investing. Based in Hope Island, we deliver the best advice and comprehensive services. This lets you focus on your broader investment strategy and ongoing growth.

Why You Need Professional Property Management

  1. Time Restrictions – managing a property combines human resources, legal expertise, ongoing maintenance and more. We will handle all of this across multiple properties.
  2. Location Restrictions – a diverse portfolio is a strong portfolio. We can manage properties around Hope Island, Helensvale, Southport and the Gold Coast, even if you’re not around.
  3. Expert Knowledge – we know how to find tenants, what your legal responsibilities are, which trades can offer you the best deals and more. Let us take care of this for you.

The Astute Investments Approach

Our property management approach goes beyond the basic requirements. We drive your investment further by managing the day-to-day responsibilities and nurturing ongoing success.

Tenant and Property Services

We will:

  • Locate high quality tenants and perform comprehensive background checks
  • Perform thorough and regular properties inspections
  • Ensure that your property is well cared for and maintained
  • Minimise vacancy times to promote ongoing cash flow

Legal, Finance and Admin

We will:

  • Operate in compliance with all tenancy and legislative requirements
  • Administer all management forms, letters, and other requirements on your behalf
  • Advise you on available insurances, depreciation strategies etc.
  • Update you on compliance and legislative changes, landlord responsibilities etc.

Communication and Growth Solutions

We will:

  • Advise you on market movements in regards to rent and timing of rental reviews
  • Communicate promptly and honestly about all matters including renovations or repairs
  • Advise you on selling, reinvesting etc. through our suite of property investment services

Take control of property investing with our professional management. Contact us online or call us today on 07 5530 8407.