Property Hot Spots!

Trying to predict where the next hot spot for property is going to be is always difficult.  A lot of businesses will tell you that they know, but in reality no one really knows and it’s a matter of trying to make some educated choices.  At Astute we do our best to find these locations but at the end of the day work with all our clients to try and find the best solution.

We tend to follow the growth in the capital cities as these are more predictable and provide the best diversity for property investment.  One way to follow the cycle is with graphs and statistics showing what the growth has been like over the past 20-30 years.  As you can see below I’ve included the graph of capital city prices over the past 40 yrs.  You can see some areas of really slow growth which sometimes extends for about 6yrs.  Normally at the end of this period the growth has taken off.  We are seeing this again at the moment in Sydney.  Prices have been pretty slow and stagnant for about 5 yrs and in the last 12 mths they have taken off.  Our prediction here is that Brisbane and Adelaide are due to follow in the next 12-18 mths.  With the Commonwealth Games coming to SE QLD in 2018 and the poor growth over the past 5 yrs we’re targeting Brisbane at the moment as one of the growth cities.

Property prices


The graph below was form Jan this year and shows that Brisbane and Adelaide are at the bottom of the property cycle and primed for growth.  Nothing is ever a guarantee but the markets in these locations haven’t looked this good for years.

Property Graph


We do our best to locate the best markets within these zones as well and have some great property options throughout SE QLD.  If you want further information on the markets or would like to have a chat about the best spots to buy then please feel free to contact us.  Have a great week.