SE QLD to have a Strong 2 Years

In our last blog we spoke about Property hotspots and SE QLD was definitely one of them.  I’m reading more and more about the expected growth in SE QLD over the next couple of years.  The market here is not described as booming but we should expect some really good growth over that time.  In fact, PRDnationwide managing director Tony Brasier commented that “SE QLD could have the strongest growth of all major regions nationwide this year:  His comments are echoed by property analyst and commentator Michael Matusik.  Here’s a link to the full article, SE QLD Growth.

Here’s another great article about the expected growth in SE QLD and Brisbane in the near future, Investment Property.

We’re constantly looking for bargains in the upward trending markets with the aim of growing our clients portfolios.  Another market on the horizon is Adelaide and we’ll feature some extra info about this market in the coming months.  Now is definitely a good time to get into the market in SE QLD as the market is slow with the recent budget and winter finally here.  As such it’s definitely a buyers market at the moment although it’s not expected to last long.  Once the temperature starts to warm up and spring is around the corner we’re expecting the buyers to start coming out in a big way.

In line with these expectations we’re providing a deal for clients to celebrate the end of FY.  We normally charge $99 to perform a financial review which includes a complete health check and then a forecast of ability to grow your investment portfolio or buy your own home.  If you contact us before the end of July, to conduct a financial review, we’re happy to provide this service for FREE!!!

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