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Shane Mitchell – Why I Chose To Invest

Shane Mitchell – Why I Chose To Invest

Shane Mitchell is single male, works as an Army Pilot, in his thirties, and currently lives in Townsville. Shane engaged with Astute Investments for a financial planning solution through property investment. The Astute Team decided to catch up with Shane and find out why he chose to invest into property.

Q. When was it that you first began looking into investment property? 
A. After being in the military a few years my dad recommended that I look to invest some of my money. Initially I attended a seminar in Townsville which discussed managed funds. This was in 2006/2007. After having one of my first complimentary consultations I was displeased with the “hard sell” that they tried to push and was consistently put off by them badgering me with phone calls and emails to try and get me back through the door. What I found out around the same time was that they charged an excessive amount of money after the third complimentary consultation, simply to give a “statement of advice” informing me what I “should” do with my money. So initially property was not the first thing I thought to invest in, but seemed like a better choice to start with once I learnt more.

Q. Your research led to Phil Game, can you tell us how that came about?
A. I knew Phil (vaguely) from when he was an Army pilot and instructor at Oakey. A friend of mine informed me that he was now a financial advisor and that I should talk to him about some options. This happened after my discussions with the company that hosted the seminar in Townsville.

Q. What was your first impression of Phil Game?
A. I already knew Phil a little bit, but I was straight away impressed with his being up front and honest about financial advice. At no time does he push the “hard sell” and he is more than willing to take the time to explain financial terminology to me based on my limited knowledge. Despite being a client of Phil’s I feel that he is very approachable, honest and cares about people’s financial future. I have recommended Phil to several friends and relatives who, despite not investing with him, have been very appreciative of him taking the time to provide advice about their financial circumstances. I see Phil as more of a mate than a financial advisor.

Q. Why did you choose to invest in property?
A. I chose to invest in property because it seemed like a more stable option to start when it came to investing. Even though managed funds and stocks can provide good returns I felt that having solid assets such as houses would be the best start. I may still look to invest in managed funds in the future though.

Q. How has life been since then? How do you feel now about your financial planning for the future?
A. Life since I invested has been good. I have deployed several times with the Army and am in a strong position with my finances at the moment. Despite being stable with my current income Phil has advised me to enjoy my money and not feel that I need to launch into another investment just for the sake of it. Some time in the coming years I may talk to him about a managed fund in order to broaden my financial profile. Despite not being very knowledgeable about finances I feel comfortable that Phil and the members of his team are working in my best interests.


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