“I was interested in getting into the “Investment Property market” but didn’t know where to start. One day I was introduced to Phil Game through a mutual friend and from that day my dive into the investment industry has been worry free. Every step of the way Phil was just a phone call away to explain any question I had and he would not give up until I understood the answer fully. After working with Phil, I now have a good understanding of the investment process, which should make my next investment a more seamless experience than my first. I have never met anyone with the dedication to his clients as Phil has. From phone calls to make sure everything is going fine or even for just a quick chat, to travelling over to Perth to make the relationship more of a personal one not just electronic. I would recommend Phil and Astute Investments to anyone looking at getting into the investment market or anyone who wishes to expand their portfolio.”

Mick Boyd, Perth

“We had been considering building an investment property for several years when we were finally introduced to Phil at Astute Investments. Even though we were beginners in the extreme, Phil took the time to fully explain both the pros and cons of investing in property, allowing us to make a fully educated decision that suited both our personalities and financial position. Phil’s guidance and professionalism has led to a practically stress free and seamless experience, even though at the time we were preparing to move overseas. We are now living in Europe and Phil has maintained his high level of service allowing us to be absolutely confident in our decision. I do not make recommendations lightly; however, I have recommended Astute Investments to several close friends to date and will continue to do so.”

Mick Fairbanks-Smith

“Phil and Astute Investments have taken us right through investing from the very start and don’t know where we would be without him. He was really focussed on educating us and ensuring that we understood and were comfortable with what was happening. We really had no idea what we were doing before we met Phil, and he was able to explain things really effectively and highlighted the good and bad points about each investment strategy. He was there all the way through the process ensuring we were happy and that things were going smoothly. It was particularly good that there was never any pressure to do anything and the choice really was ours all the way through. Nothing was ever a problem and his commitment and dedication were and continue to be second to none. The ongoing support and continued updates, education and information have helped us grow our knowledge and portfolio and also understand how easy and achievable it really was. His dedication to his clients really is amazing and he is always up for a healthy investment chat over a beer or a game of golf. I can’t speak highly enough of Phil and the team at Astute and highly recommend anyone who wants any information to call Phil and have a chat, you will not regret it.”

Kenny & Maz Qld

“From the very first time I met Phil, his education process began. Rather than talking at me and expecting me to trust him, he broke all the information down in to simple, easy to understand chunks – he even gave me homework! The education continues with frequent, informative email updates from the numerous publications on finance and property investing Phil exposes himself to. Through Astute Investments, Phil has helped me establish a solid understanding on the benefits of property investing. This has helped ensure my financial position stays strong. Phil’s commitment to his clients is highlighted by the fact that he travels across to Perth to continue helping me and other WA based clients face to face. Phil is a consummate professional; has a work ethic that won’t quit; his understanding of property investment strategies and the processes involved make life simple. On a personal level Phil is made of the highest ethical fibre. His personable nature, positive outlook and commitment to maintaining personal integrity have established him as a reliable and trustworthy choice for all money matters. Thank you to Phil and Astute Investments for introducing me to such an simple, effective, flexible and creative investment product. I can not speak highly enough of Phil, and I strongly urge anyone who seeks clear guidance to pick up the phone and call him – you won’t regret it Phil gave me the best piece of advice anyone has given me – “Don’t piss it all away…”

Mat Austin, Perth

“Astute made everything so easy! From the first meeting where we explored our goals and options, right up until tenants moved into our investment property, the team at Astute was with us every step of the way. All of the enabling company’s that they are aligned with have been excellent and have made our investing experience enjoyable and worry free. We would recommend that anyone interested in their financial future should contact Astute!”

Nick & Helen Brisbane