Focusing on the word 'financial plan' through a magnifying glass

What to Look for in a Financial Planner

If you’re already in the market for a financial planner, you’ve come to the realisation that:

  1. Goals are difficult to define and plan for;
  2. Your financial situation isn’t as simple as it seems;
  3. Getting the most out of your income requires professional advice; and
  4. There’s no-one in your immediate network that you can call upon to help.

An experienced and committed financial planner will help you on your journey by asking the right questions and guiding you through proven strategies.

Most financial planners offer a no-obligation introductory meeting. Take that time to ask the right questions and determine whether or not there’s a rapport you can build upon. Here are some factors to consider.

Qualifications and Licences

While there are many great professional investors who never gained a formal qualification, you’re more likely to get great advice from a professional financial planner. A qualified planner will be licensed and hold themselves to high professional standards and ethical behaviours.

A financial planner will also have a tertiary degree or diploma in financial planning or a related discipline.

Other things that point towards a qualified financial planner include memberships with professional organisations and a track record of public speaking. This demonstrates a commitment to increasing awareness and professionalism in the field, as well as a reputation that they will work hard to uphold.

Experience and Satisfied Clients

A satisfied customer is the best advertiser for any product. If the financial planner you’re considering can’t provide any testimonials of happy clients, it may be time to find one who can.

An experienced financial planner will be on top of regulations and changes to legislation that affect you and your investment portfolio. They will minimise your exposure to hefty taxes or fines and work to maximise your returns so that you reach your goals faster.

A Specialist You Can Trust

All great relationships are underpinned by trust and a common interest. If you’re interested in buying real estate on the Gold Coast, a financial planner with hedge fund management experience in Melbourne is probably not the right fit. You’ll want someone who’s based locally who also has a vested interest in building property values.

If the financial planner doesn’t respond within a timely manner or listen to your needs, you need to find one that does so that you’re on the same path towards defining and realising your goals.

Financial Planners You Can Trust

With more than 10 years’ experience selling, managing and investing in property on the Gold Coast, Astute Investments offers investor advice and strategies for reaching financial goals.

Contact one of our qualified financial planners or property experts for free advice on how to make the most out of your relationship with a financial planner.