Financial Freedom is available to you.

However, there are some key steps you’ll need to take if you want to ensure you can achieve your goals. If you want to create a safe, sound and solid strategy for building wealth and securing your future the five steps in this ebook will be an essential starting point for you to follow.

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About the Author

Phil Game comes from humble beginnings and is now one of the leading advisors for Investment Property Portfolios in Australia.

An ex-Army Pilot and Qualified Flying Instructor who was passionate about teaching students to fly, Phil transferred this passion and discipline to the Investment Property Space. He’s helped hundreds of Defence Personal take the Journey to a Happier and more Prosperous retirement and has completely changed the way people think about the future, and what it can hold for them. Phil first developed his model for financial success and applied it to his own life with outstanding results.

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   Here’s what we’ll cover for you:

  • Dreams and Goals snapshot of what’s important to you and what you can’t live without.
  • Financial Health check on your current position to see what can be improved.
  • Discussions and planning as to how Property may help achieve your goals.
  • Cash Flow models to show you the cost and outcome of investing in Property.

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